Father’s Day from an Adoptee’s Perspective

Happy Father's Day to my two fathers.

A Chinese Adoptee Addressing Adoption & Rehoming

A Chinese Adoptee's Letter to Myka Stauffer

Happy Mother’s Day

Two mothers, Two worlds. One mother gave life to a little girl, One mother raised the little girl. One mother never heard the cries of her child, One mother comforted the child with her own tears. One mother could never heal the scars that were formed, One mother healed the scars with her love and [...]


Wait (verb) : stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens (noun) : a period of waiting.

Gotcha Day

Today marks twenty-two years of being Shennett! Happy Gotcha Day.

Father’s Day

Have you ever noticed how adoptees always talk about their birth mother but not their birth father? The bond we experienced with our birth mothers before birth is undeniable but there is also a bond with our birth fathers - though it might not be as strong for some adoptees. For me, I've never spent [...]

November 15th

November 15th. A day dedicated to my birth mother and also my mother. The day the orphanage found me at the doorsteps. The day that meant I would soon be a Shennett. One mother's loss and yet another mother's gain. Two mothers making their choice out of love. One daughter that would forever love both. [...]

Zàijiàn Měiguó!

Zàijiàn Měiguó!First, Happy National Adoption Month! November marks a month full of celebrating adoption and raising awareness about the thousands of children that are still in foster care that are in need of a home. Be on the lookout for more posts regarding this! Secondly, I'm excited to announce that I will be spending my [...]

Did you ever?

Dear Birthmother,  Did you ever use to wonder what I would look like? Did you ever use to wonder if I would get your eyes or his sense of humor? Did you ever spend nights dreaming of my future? Did you ever dream of how we could spend our days together? Did you ever look [...]

Going Public

I got baptized on New Year's Eve! Here is my Going Public video!