November 15th

November 15th. A day dedicated to my birth mother and also my mother. The day the orphanage found me at the doorsteps. The day that meant I would soon be a Shennett. One mother's loss and yet another mother's gain. Two mothers making their choice out of love. One daughter that would forever love both. [...]


Zàijiàn Měiguó!

Zàijiàn Měiguó!First, Happy National Adoption Month! November marks a month full of celebrating adoption and raising awareness about the thousands of children that are still in foster care that are in need of a home. Be on the lookout for more posts regarding this! Secondly, I'm excited to announce that I will be spending my [...]

Did you ever?

Dear Birthmother,  Did you ever use to wonder what I would look like? Did you ever use to wonder if I would get your eyes or his sense of humor? Did you ever spend nights dreaming of my future? Did you ever dream of how we could spend our days together? Did you ever look [...]

Going Public

I got baptized on New Year's Eve! Here is my Going Public video!

This I Believe – Adoption

My Emerging leader's class required me to write a This I Believe statement similar to NPR's series (which encouraged people to define they believe in). Below is the statement I wrote for my class and wanted to share with the rest of you. THIS I BELIEVE - ADOPTION   Twenty-one years ago, an unknown mother [...]

Birthdays and Adoptees

Twenty-one years ago. . .


Today marks twenty years of being a Shennett. Twenty years of living in the US. Twenty years being an American and yet twenty years losing my Chinese culture. Today is not a day of mourning, rather it is a day of celebration. A day four strangers became a family. While I would never change the [...]

God & Adoption

You never think a day is going to drastically change your life until it does. One of those days for me was five years ago, January 15th 2012. Before I go into detail on why that day was so significant, let me share my background. Growing up, I was always told "Jesus loves you." I [...]

On the Day I was Born

    Dear birth mom, It has been 20 years since the day I was born. Twenty years since I last saw your face and twenty years of memories that have replaced those few I had with you. I often wonder if you think of me after all these years. I think of you and I [...]

Part 4 – Thank you and Goodbye 

This morning, we adventured outside of our hotel without Jenny and Trysa to find something for breakfast. Rebecca and I turned out to be the only ones to eat but it was an interesting meal of noodles made from potatoes mixed with eggs and leaks. Shortly after, we headed back to the hotel and got [...]